This is always an interesting topic to discuss ~ Future of NLP in India, and more so India being a big country, with a billion + people. Having said that, the answer to this question lies in the history of NLP in India.

NLP was brought to India by rogue NLP trainers from the west, trainers who did not have a market in their own countries, and came to India in search of open ground (Population of India provided that ground). They hardly had any decent skills in NLP, however, made NLP Trainers in India, as Indians were NLP hungry, and in the name of self development did NLP courses, most for the sake of certifications.

This continued for a while, and then came the second wave of NLP trainers from west. This time the quality of NLP trainers who came to India were of decent quality and they did some programs in India, and continued to do so, however, their primary market of operation still was their home country, which implies that Indian participants did not get support from these trainers for their further development.

Meanwhile, some of the Indians who saw the potential of NLP went ahead and explored NLP with co-founders, and co-developers, and integrated their some what broken NLP knowledge into the knowledge right from the source, and became the Best known NLP Trainers in India. Some of them have gone ahead and ventured outside of India, and are well respected in the NLP community outside India as well.

So what’s the future of NLP in India. The state is not looking great. Being a certificate hungry market, there are many fraudulent NLP trainers (Trainers who are not even trained), who have created their own version of NLP, and promoting it, and because of that the name of NLP gets tarnished. Some are so clever that they themselves write about the perils of NLP :-), as if they are the authority of NLP, and are writing as if co-founders have trained them.

Let’s hope decent NLP trainers in India continue to offer NLP programs, as some of them have left NLP, and some are on the border line of leaving NLP. The good news is that the good ones have gone ahead and created even better version of NLP, by leveraging NLP essence that they have learnt right from the source, and go beyond NLP into the original source of Human Development, and brought in an integrated model of change. So future is going to be of those integrated approaches, by the Indian leaders of NLP, who are going to take this journey of self development forward may be the name will be different. So watch out for an excited future.

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