Future of NLP in US, and globally

Those who are aware of the history of NLP, and what happened in the early days of NLP, and more specifically in the 90s, when there were lawsuits around ownership of NLP in US, and globally. Most of the NLP trainers in US stopped their NLP training, as they were unsure which way the law suit will go, and they could not risk their future in terms of training, coaching, so NLP trainers in US drifted away in mid 90s towards something of their own.

Future of NLP in US? Bleak.

There are hardly any NLP trainers in US, as the bad press which was created for NLP in 90s took a toll on NLP, and as a result a lot of NLP trainers from US shifted to Europe. This resulted in different sorts of problems, as NLP Trainers in Europe started to blew their own trumpets about being original and their association being the original association and created more mess for NLP. That mess is still there, and continues to be there in some form of the others. More so when some of these associations join together, along with their partners/directors, and then they start to bully other NLP Trainers, and other NLP associations which are independent in nature.

Future of NLP globally? Well, a lot of good people from NLP have left NLP and have rebranded their work as something different, and this trend is going to continue, but there will still be some left in NLP, who are going to take the work, name forward, but the bigger question is what are they getting in return for that. If good NLP trainers continue to be bullied by these associations who claim to be the protectors of NLP (and in reality they have vested interests), then the good NLP trainers have a good reason to leave NLP for something else of their own. They don’t need NLP, name of NLP. If they are good, they are good! Sad for NLP community thought, but that is the hard reality. Future of NLP globally is going to be a tricky one, as it all depends on how things will eventually pan out once we won’t have the guidance and the good will of co-founders and co-developers, and the first generation NLP Trainers. A lot of them have left to heavenly abode, and some of them are not training anymore (retired as active NLP Trainers). Next decade of NLP is going to be an interesting one, as we will be entering the 6th decade of NLP, and this probably will be the make or break decade of NLP.

Let’s hope NLP continues in its original form, and good NLP trainers are going to stay. And no one knows what will happen in future.

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