Future of NLP post COVID

Well most of the top NLP trainers, co-founders, co-developers (30+ years of experience) didn’t do much training during COVID (barring a few). Most of that was due to their own values around how an NLP training has to be structured (face to face). Some international associations were ok to have online instructor led certification programs, and that opened up a new dimension for NLP training to be delivered in an hybrid mode (class + online), or totally online (instructor led), or pure classic classroom.

Well, this seems to be the future of NLP post COVID, as most associations have seen that the training could be delivered effectively online using the current technology which can simulate a classroom based learning environment online.

What does that mean for the NLP learner?

Well for some one exploring NLP, a good online instructor led NLP program can be a great experience, and also it saves on operational costs for the person, if the program is not in their own city/town. So online opens up a lot of possibilities for the learner.

Good NLP trainers are more busy after COVID as they enjoyed the word of mouth buzz before COVID, and with more people joining their programs as there is no restriction of travel, that makes their work more easier, and also they are able to reach out to more people, manage their operations better, and also play at the international level. The poor NLP trainers are out of market, as their clientele has also realized that it is worth attending an NLP program with a top NLP trainer in the country/internationally, with proper certification, and skills that are being imparted.

So even after COVID restrictions are gone, the newer models of delivery are going to stay, and that means good news for participants who are going to explore in future, and good news for NLP trainers, as low quality NLP trainers (fraudulent, not trained and claiming to be trainers, without proper credentials etc.) are going to be out of the market and that is going to stay like that. With more information available on social media, it is easy for a person to check the credentials of the trainer, certification body, mentors of the trainers, testimonials, and LinkedIn recommendations etc. Everything goes hand in hand, and it is easy to manage that.