How should I decide which NLP program to attend?

The question pre supposes that you have decided that you want to attend an NLP program, and now you are wondering and have this question, ‘How should I decide which NLP program to attend?’. Well, this is a very good question, because not all NLP programs are same.

So how can one go about deciding, which NLP program to attend?

First, and foremost who is the trainer. In this post let’s focus on the first and foremost part about deciding.

Any NLP program is good, not because of NLP itself, but because of the NLP Trainer who is going to be taking the session. So make sure that you know who is going to take the session. Here are few key things to consider about your NLP Trainer:

Who trained the NLP Trainer? Don’t just settle for one lineage of a particular trainer, because if a trainer knows only about one style of training and follow one particular methodology, then that trainer’s expertise and skills about NLP may not be of the highest level. See to that the NLP Trainer is trained by not only by co-founders, but by other co-developers of NLP. The big names of NLP, and it is not so difficult to find out who are the big names in NLP (Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Frank Pucelik, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Steve Andreas, Steve Gilligan, Connirae Andreas, Tad James). These are some of the renowned NLP Trainers.

Number of years of NLP experience. 1–2 years of Richard Bandler certified trainer vs 8–10 years of Richard/John/Frank, Robert etc is a better option. No brain bending logic here. It is simple, make sure that your NLP Trainer has NLP training experience, not soft skills training experience of 20 years, which is pointless. There are many who will try to fool you by saying, “I have 30 years of NLP experience”

NLP Trainer, what else? Is your NLP trainer only NLP Trainer, or they know something beyond that as well, something that complements NLP. Like Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Neuro-Semantics, Cognitive Sciences etc. Make sure to check that part as well.

Education and Business Background ~ What is your NLP trainers business background, education background. Not that it is relevant, but it ensures that the discussions during the NLP program add value to the participant in terms of the application of NLP. There are many NLP trainers who did NLP when they were in their 20s with no background of working in large organizations, corporates, etc. So when they facilitate an NLP program, their examples lack relatability, application. So make sure that you check that part as well, while doing research about your NLP Trainer.

Last but not the least. Buzz word. Well, there are many sources to check that. Authentic one — LinkedIn. It is difficult to create a sustainable buzz on LinkedIn, because you can figure out from the profiles who is commenting and what are they talking about the Trainer facilitating the NLP program. Other platforms are fine to check the reviews, but lately some of those platforms have become spammed. Make sure that you scan the entire world wide web (WWW) to know about their trainer. Make sure to hear about them from them. See some of their videos, do you find them impressive. Some trainers will light you up in their sessions with their charisma, humour, relatability, and some can hypnotize you to doze off, make sure that you select the first one, to have a great learning experience :-)