NLP Practitioner Training

Are you looking for an NLP Practitioner training? The main question you need to ask yourself is: NLP Practitioner training for what? In simple terms, what is your requirement? Have you asked yourself why you need to attend NLP Practitioner Training.

Here are few outcomes that generally people have when they are looking for an NLP Practitioner Training:

  1. Some say, I want to attend NLP Practitioner training to get better in life, and learn how to set goals, achieve goals, get rid of negative thinking patterns, get back in control.
  2. Some say, I want to attend NLP Practitioner training to get a certificate, and improve my chances of career progression.
  3. Some attend an NLP Practitioner training to learn NLP methodology to coach, and add NLP skill as a way to improve their coaching skills.
  4. Some attend an NLP Practitioner training to learn how to improve their communication skills, skills to influence others, and to use that in selling.
  5. Some want to attend an NLP Practitioner training as a basic course to make a career out of NLP by doing NLP Master Practitioner training, and then an NLP Trainer.

Well, these are some of the basic themes why someone wants to attend an NLP Practitioner training program. If you fit into one of these themes, or if you have a different outcome to learn NLP then the basic course is still an NLP Practitioner training program.

Now a bigger question. What is the common key for all these themes. A very well rounded NLP professional. Who is well rounded. Some one who has used NLP on self, who knows how to use NLP as a Coaching methodology, someone who has learnt classic NLP from co-founders/co-developers, and extended it further by learning Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, someone who has used NLP for different applications: communication programs, sales programs, coach programs, etc. So whatever is your need, ensure that the Trainer that you are going to learn is the best NLP trainer. As the most important part to get value out of an NLP Practitioner program is the NLP trainer who is going to facilitate the NLP program.

Make sure that you do your research well to find out who the NLP Trainer is, what is their NLP experience, what is their professional work experience, what is their standing in the market, what transformation can they demonstrate, what are people saying about him/her (reviews on social media pages, google pages, linkedin etc.). Check what their rankings are in some of the internationally recognized platforms, which have a well documented policy regarding ratings, selection criteria, etc~ Don’t fall for trainers who are buying awards. This is a new gimmick started by some of the brands to give awards to desperate people, and there are many desperate people in the NLP world as well :-)

Good luck with search for the best NLP training program, and ensure that you triple check who is the trainer, what the trainer stands for, what trainer has achieved in his/her life, and whether you find yourself working with the trainer as a participant in an NLP Practitioner program.

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