NLP trainers in the world

I am an NLP Trainer, I am an NLP Coach, I am an NLP Transformation Coach, I am an NLP Master Trainer, I am an NLP Therapist. Might have heard something on these lines on social media, especially in last 4–5 years. Well, yes, we are now in an era where there are more NLP trainers than people looking for NLP training to attend.

Anyone can claim to be an NLP trainer, there are no checks and balances in place. A nice looking flyer and you are set on social media to go into fishing mode to find people for NLP programs. Whether you know NLP or not, that is secondary, and that is what is happening.

The magical word of NLP has lost its sheen because there are more crooks in NLP world now, than actual genuine NLP trainers who have practiced their art. Who have spent time learning NLP, practicing it, using it, digesting it, and helping others to learn it.

What’s the solution? Pretty much, none. Genuine NLP Trainers have a different problem, which is called in fighting in the NLP community, because the core issues of being the best accreditation body, best NLP trainer, best NLP Coach exists, persists, and the egos of NLP Trainers are bigger than the NLP fraternity. At some level some decent NLP leaders are there, but overall the state of NLP is in a messy state.

Good news is. You can use your Brain and guts to find the Best NLP Trainer to work with, whichever part of the world you exist in, and want to work with a decent NLP Trainer. Are they difficult to find, well the smart and intelligent NLP Trainers will use NLP to make themselves visible, and relevant. So good luck with your search to find the Best NLP training company to work with.

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