There is a general buzz around NLP training from last decade or so. What started as an adventure in US in 1970s, became more popular as a self development and personal change work and spread to UK in 80s/90s, and then reached to other Asian countries after 2000.

So what’s so special about NLP training that it has survived the market dynamics, the politics that comes due to different associations, and other issues related to NLP training as such in terms of rogue NLP trainers (trained NLP trainers who don’t want to be associated with the parent certifying associations due to some reason ~let’s not discuss association politics), fraudulent NLP trainers (those who are not NLP trained but call themselves NLP trainers), etc.

NLP training has stood the test of time, and the testimony is that a few years back, NLP co-creator shared a message about 50 years of NLP movement. Well, NLP training and NLP as such stood the test of time, because of the robust pre history of NLP. The actual human potential movement which started in 1930s and included the Psychology and other models which were used to understand human potential and development, which eventually led to NLP. So NLP is blessed, as the models which were used to create NLP itself are very robust, hence, NLP that we know which was created in 1970s is what Neuroscience is able to corroborate now with advanced tools/machines. Neuroscience is validating the mechanics of how the brain functions, but NLPers as such are not interested in brain and different parts, but more about how to program it to get the results that a person is looking for.

No matter which era we are talking about 70s, 80s, or 2020s and onwards, the asperations of human beings are same in fact more than what it was 50 years back. People want to understand how to get better, live a better life, set and achieve goals, have great belief systems, reach to the moon etc. So NLP training is going to thrive in years to come as well, probably in some way or the other. And the associated pain points of NLP associations, rogue trainers, fraudulent trainers etc will also be part and parcel of the NLP game.

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