NLP training in UK. UK is probably the number 1 market when it comes to decent active NLP trainers, and also the worst one when it comes to NLP politics.

NLP training in UK started to get traction in early 80s, when some people travelled to US to get trained in Colorado, and in California, and brought back NLP to UK. Later on some of the co-founders and co-developers also started to travel to UK and train, and they still do. Very good for NLP enthusiasts in UK, and hence the reason NLP became popular in UK.

Now comes the bad part. UK being a very small market when it comes to training opportunities. Once too many people entered into NLP as NLP Trainers, then comes the ugly part of NLP, which has been the nemesis of NLP community from the very beginning. Different NLP groups started to form. Different NLP bodies / Boards / Accreditation bodies came into existence, and started to make things messy. Each one claiming to be better than the other one. Well, at least this mess was better than one or two boards trying to bully others, which is a typical case in NLP in UK.

A lot of NLP trainers in UK, were bullied by so called NLP bodies claiming to be the only authentic certifying bodies, and hence they left. The worst part is that some of the other NLP boards came together to create bigger boards and now the bullying is of even bigger magnitude, as a big group pretends to be a more better, more bigger savior of NLP, and in the bargain someone or the other gets cornered. Even worse the bullying by these few boards have reached to Africa, Asia, and Australia/NZ, as some new potential NLP enthusiasts look at these boards as the go to boards, which is even worse, as that encourages these boards to extend their bullying to other continents, with no one to manage that mess.

These boards have their own vested interests, and no single board / association has the rights to name and shame other NLP Trainers, which UK associations and boards are doing. These few NLP boards and associations name and shame the NLP trainers from different parts of UK, because they feel threatened by their existence, or them not joining them, and paying them royalty / association fees. Under some rules and regulations of these associations (which a very selected few decide to favour them and their set of NLP trainers), they bully other NLP trainers in UK.

This has reached sickening level, and due to this NLP in UK also has reached to a point where good NLP trainers have started their own thing, and are not teaching NLP. This is exactly what happened in US, and now is happening in UK as well.

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