Which NLP accreditation body is original

The only accreditation body that is original is the Richard Bandler’s accreditation body, and that too the one that is the one run by Pure NLP (Society of NLP — SNLP), there are few more variations of SNLP, that is another story. Does being the original body mean anything now? ~ Not really (We will discuss that in some other article)

Plus, the other original accreditation body that is original is the one where John Grinder has an association.

The other notable ones are American Board of NLP (Considering Tad James was involved in it, and him being one of the original NLP Master Trainers). NLP University (One of the most credible names in NLP) even though not a full fledged accreditation body (Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozier do the NLP Trainer’s training, hence, very credible).

Few more are there, and now the scene is that few others have come up, and suddenly there are a few who claim to be the original NLP, and have become the governing body of NLP. This is generally scene in Europe. If anybody is aware of the politics of NLP, each accreditation body favors certain NLP Trainers of a particular country, continent etc.

Let’s not go into the names as that won’t make any sense. Some of these NLP accreditation bodies run their own agenda, and in the process a few good NLP leaders have left NLP, as they were pushed to the corner. There are enough stories on the internet around how a particular NLP trainer from Europe was ill treated by an accreditation body, resulting him to call it quits from NLP. Well, his work has not stopped, as he is too good to be ignored. It is just that the work that this trainer is called XYZ now. He is not the only one, there are many other stories as well.

Who is at loss? Well nobody knows who is at lost, but definitely the promotors or the Directors of a few accreditation bodies are gaining a lot out by running their own agenda, and promoting a few NLP Trainers. Well, who else is getting benefitting. Well, some not so good NLP trainers, who are happy to butter the owners / so called leaders in these accreditation bodies, and in return they get a chance to become something in these accreditation bodies.

This accreditation mess is not known to many in developing countries in Africa, Asia, Australia NZ where most of the NLP trainers are developing, hence, the European so called bodies try to put a face that they are original leaders in NLP and Hypnosis, and try to lure practitioners of NLP into their fold, and sell them memberships, conferences, embossed logos etc.

Let’s hope people in NLP are smart enough to go down into the history, and see through things, and protect themselves. Meanwhile, NLP is going to stay may be fragmented as usual, and will survive some way or the other. May be with a different name, which is already happening, and will continue to happen.

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